Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six days.

In six days, Chloe will turn one. She will have been in my life for an entire year. Teaching me love and patience in ways that I never imagined. I find myself struggling with stupid details for her birthday party on Saturday. No one is going to notice if the blue streamers and blue plates aren't an exact match. It isn't about the cake, the presents, any of it. It's about how she's changed our lives in this past year.  I wrote her the final letter in her first year tonight with tears streaming down my face. It is the end of the first year, but we will celebrate the joy she's given our lives. I'll post pictures of her party. Mismatched plates and all. More to come next week. Until then, happy wednesday friends.



  1. yeah you beeeeettter post a million pictures or you're dead ;D

    happy (early) birthday chlo<3

  2. Seriously can I have her? That picture made me :D